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How Eric, Domen, Matevz, Luisa And Many
Others Changed Their Lives

When you have people telling you that you can’t create your
dream lifestyle, remember this...


Trust and believe in yourself!

Same as…

Eric, Domen, Matevz, Louisa and many others belived that there
is a way... better life.

These people started off just like you

When I had first calls with these people I noticed something...

They were all hungry for success…

After few calls they got the picture how we make money online
(multi income sources)...

Now they had the knowledge that nobody can take away from them…

They will always make money online (not spending for new shinny

Remember when you really want to change your life and take
an action...

Even if you are completely new and never made any money

You can set up multi 6 figure internet business in less then 4 weeks.

The qoute that changed my life:

“If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you
to help build theirs.”

Would You Like To Learn How To Create An Extra
$10K-$30K Per Month In Online Income
SIMPLY by Using e-Mails?

I've built 3 different business to the 6 figure level ALL THANKS

1) Solo Ad Business - Selling high quality buyers traffic to affiliate
marketers, list builders, product creators, etc.

2) Affiliate Marketing - Promoting others people products and get
daily commissions for every sale.

3) Selling Digital Courses - Turn what you know into digital online

Having the ability to write a simple e-mail for 20 mins a day that gets
you $500, $1K or even $2K per day like it does for my businesses
is the ONLY way to create consistent income.

Having your own email list, you send emails and make money
on demand - you're building a proper foundation for your fortune

Here's why you need to use email marketing and build an
email list:

  • Your own DIGITAL ASSET - database of subscribers is a business
  • It's long-term and builds your business on leverage
  • It allows you to "dominate" your niche and become the leader by
    providing a newsletter
  • Instant traffic - email your subscribers and send them to any website
  • Send an email about a product and make instant money
  • You can pre-write and save email messages to be sent on interval
    days using an autoresponder
  • You can put your entire business to run on complete autopilot!
  • When you get your visitors contact information, you won't lose them
  • Email is the most intimate form of communication online
  • People are used to reading emails
  • Almost everyone has an email address online!

Even with the social media, email marketing has not declined but
has grown even stronger and bigger.

Think about it... how do social networks like Facebook or Twitter
contact you?

By emails!

Email marketing has also been proven to be the most platform
for selling stuff online (Amazon is great at that)...

The Only REAL Business Owners Making 'Big Money' From
Email Marketing Today Are the Ones Who're Using
The Right Tools...

And Also Following A Proven Strategy...

Here's 5 rules for success with e-mail marketing:

1) Mail daily as consistent effort builds trust and increases conversions

2) Offer multiple products & services so you can maximise your sales

3) Integrate stories to start your conversations it always creates long
lasting relationships

4) Make sure you are consistently promoting to your list so they
have multiple chances to communicate with yourself

5) Add images, emojis, pics with industry leaders and make yourself
look like a real person.

Want to increase your email open rates?

Marketers with higher open rates craft email subject lines that their
subscribers simply can’t resist.

If you double your e-mail open rates. You double your income.

Here's 10 subject lines that you'll really enjoy:

1. Hey
[Open] This E-Mail
3. Read THIS
4. BRAND NEW - Totally Cool & Fun
5. This XYZ Sucks. So Do This Instead...
6. I'm Looking For You?
7. Meet Me In [Location]
8. Claim Your Free Book
9. This quickly saves time, energy and money - you in?
10. [Chapter 1 of 3], [Chapter 2 of 3], [Chapter 3 of 3]

Why you are FAILING?

It's simple because you are not building your own list of subscribers

That's it if you aren't building your list, your brand, your funnels and
getting people to coming to you each day, then you need to do that.

The LIST of subscribers is your ticket to freedom.

The LIST of subscribers/clients that you share multiple offers
with to MONETIZE.

With this;  you live that internet lifestyle that everyone talks about,
but few actually live.

Without this: you are chasing clients 1:1, buying every shiny product,
wasting days, weeks, months and YEARS to crack the code.

Every email I send out is worth hundreds of dollars for me.

This is the reality for me for 6+ years.


I follow this 2-step system - It's a simple system:

1) Build my list daily. (by getting traffic, ads, fb, bing, youtube etc.)

2) Mail my list daily. (with offers and relationship building)

Making sense?

Sound too easy?

That's because it is.

Plain and simple.

EVERY single person you see online that is making money, that is
making those 6-7 figures they ALL HAVE A LIST.

List of subscribers, everyday I'm able to send emails and get people
opening my emails and buying from me...

Where's your email list?

Where's your offers?

ALL THESE start by having the right funnel...

Affiliate Funnel, Generate Leads And $300+ Commissions
24/7 Completely On Autopilot

When you can have even an extra 10,000+ subscribers, the entire

Have You Ever Wondered Why I Sell Traffic
Like A Mad Man

Why I sell traffic?

Why I run traffic agency?


This is the 1 thing, that EVERY MARKETER NEEDS, to make money

This is the exact method that makes me on average $500 per day,
for the last 6 years…

This is the exact method that allows me to cover my own traffic
expenses and then some…

And let’s be real…

It’s much easier to sell traffic to someone who NEEDS IT, that has a
BUDGET for it…

…. rather than trying to sell a product to someone who is more or less
interested or that is simply flat-out broke, would you agree?

It happens often that I make days of $1,000+ of pure profits just by
selling traffic… and you can too.

But this can only happen because of 1 thing I do…

When I buy traffic for myself, I manage to ‘REDUCE MY OWN CLICK
COSTS’, to the point where it NEVER costs me a penny out of my pocket
for my own traffic purchases!

And I do this by SELLING TRAFFIC to people who want and need it.

TRAFFIC PROFITS - Let’s Crunch Some

The simple math of making huge money online with selling traffic.

If you sell 10,000 clicks in the month for only $0.50 per click,
you just made: $5,000 NET profit…

If you sell 15,000 clicks in the month for only $0.50 per click,
you just made: $7,500 NET profit…

It’s very common that many traffic sellers sell 20,000 – 50,000
clicks per month…

That’s right, some of sellers make more than $20,000 per month
in NET Profits!

So how will I get you there?

I will show you the same unspoken trick that only my private circle
knows about, to be able to sell clicks to HIGH PAYING CLIENTS
at $0.50 – $1.25 per click...


If you think about it, by partnering-up with me, it automatically gives
you the same social status as me, since you’ll be get same knowledge
as I have.

The only question remaining is:

Do you want to be part of my elite team?

If you do, simply CLICK HERE NOW…

And let’s get you started right away!

You Are Fired! I Am Making
$6,000 A Month!

“You are fired…” most popular sentence from my students after few
months working with me.

After 6 years in the business and spending a lot of money for
educations and I love helping others to succeed.

Ever heard the saying…

“Hang around 5 broke people you’ll be the 6th?

“Hang around 5 millionaires you will be the 6th?

It’s so true…

Eric joined my program 2 months ago and on his 3rd month he made
already $6,000 Net profit online.

After struggling many years online he will finally start living true
Internet Lifestyle.

No more laughing from friends that he is loser…

No more afraid how to pay rent next month…

Now he can finally achieve his dreams of traveling with his girlfriend
around the world and working from laptop.

Eric now works only few hours a week for anywhere in the world
and the he is growing his online business beyond $10K per month.


Believe in yourself even if nobody believe in you because you deserve
better and no stressful life for yourself and your family.

Stay focused and you will achieve what ever you want.

Need my help to guide you to $10,000 a month and beyond?

Apply here to become my next successful student.

Only The Traffic Seller Makes Profits 100%
Of The Time, Not You!

1 Secret to Creating Freedom

Only The Traffic Seller Makes Profits 100% Of The Time, Not You!

Let me ask you this…

Who profits 100% of the time when you buy traffic?

Is it you or the traffic seller?

Although you may be able to turn some of the traffic you have
just purchased into profit, there are no guarantees…

But, The Traffic Seller Profits 100% Of The Time!

Being able to position yourself as a traffic seller can only make you
pure profits…

If you think about it...

Traffic is something that will ALWAYS be in HIGH DEMAND, because

Traffic is the lifeblood of any marketer.

So if you want to be on the right side of the money-makers…

Then start selling traffic to others people...

It is the same principle behind the largest internet businesses such as
Google and Facebook.

Why Are You Buying Furnitures If You
Don’t Have A House

I think this is a very sound advice — STOP buying any course until
you have a proper sales funnel to begin with.

Because that’s “everything” for your online business. Many people
still don’t get it, right?

I mean…

Have you seen a successful online business WITHOUT a good sales

Have you seen any expert or Guru do not have a sales funnel?

NO, right?

Because you need a sales funnel that is UNIQUELY yours and express
your brand.

Helps you to get the leads and sales that you want.

Here’s my help for you:

Do you want me to build and design your affiliate sales funnel for you,
comprehensively so can just “outsource” this massive project to me?

Done For You Affiliate Sales Funnel, Generate Leads And Sales
24/7 Completely On Autopilot

The Power Of Using Multiple

Typically, a squeeze page will collect your prospect’s email or
information and subscribe them to your autoresponder…

Power Lead Funnel Generator will subscribe them to UP TO 3
different autoresponders, SIMULTANEOUSLY!

And you can use each autoresponder to extract profit in different ways
from your leads…

For example, you can use multiple autoresponders by having:

1 Autoresponder for Building Recurring

1 Autoresponder for Adding People to High
Ticket Webinars

1 Autoresponder for Blogging or CPA

These are just examples...

I can be for anything, for any niche!

But needless to tell you that you can 3X the leads and 3X the profits
by doing that!

Why Your Traffic Isn’t

”Solo ads don’t work”

”Banner advertising doesn’t work”

”Facebook adverts don’t work”

”(Enter advertising method that never worked for you here) doesn’t

How many times have you said one of the above?

I know I have! Until I realized the traffic I was purchasing wasn’t a

I mean not all traffic is equal BUT as long as you are dealing with
people you can qualify them and sell to them!

So if it’s not the traffic you are purchasing then what is the problem?

Well, then you have what is called a FUNNEL problem!

Let me explain…

Many times we see people making money just by running solo ads,
banner advertising or successfully creating Facebook ad campaigns
and creating an insane ROI!

Well, here’s the little secret that has been stopping you from launching
your own successful advertising campaigns, and I can assure you
it’s not because you are incapable of uploading a banner ad or solo ad…

It’s because you have failed to build a successful funnel that turns
the traffic you are sending to it into CUSTOMERS!

The whole point of a funnel is to qualify your traffic into BUYERS.

Your funnel is built once, and it is tweaked until you literally turn
every $1.00 of traffic into $2.00 or MORE!

Sounds pretty cool right?

Well, that’s what I teach and help my students.

It’s about helping you turn every $1.00 of advertising spend into
$2.00 and even more depending on how much you are willing
to test and tweak.

In Just 4 Weeks To Can Have Set Up Your Six
Figures Online Business

Can you imagine...

It takes only 4 weeks (28 days) to set up your six figure online business...

In 1 year you can change your life forever…

In 3-5 years you can be part of the top 5% in your industry.

Do not wait!

Time will pass anyways!

Are Your Ready To Change Your Life
Forever And Have Freedom?

Having time for your family and friends...

Travel whenever and where ever you want..

No schedule... Completely FREE.

Working only few hours a week and get paid more then your boss.

In few weeks into the new life...

Your own online business..

And then just tell anyone who didn't believe:


Here’s What To Do Right NOW

Simply click on the blue button below: Apply for 30-minute FREE
strategy call

And you’ll be taken to an application page.

Click on APPLY Right Now and send me more details about you.

You will be contacted shortly to set up 30-minute free startegy call
with Matija Balantic.

Talk Soon,


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